Wednesday around the Web – Halloween Edition!

Welcome to “Wednesday around the Web.” Each week we’ll feature the best #LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week and I’ll share a few of the latest or greatest news articles, blogs, or research topics that I think are important to those in medical training. Continuing my current goal for improving the financial education of #LifeofaMedStudent followers, each week will feature at least one post on finances. I’ll also give you a little update on what is happening with me on a personal level – giving you more of an idea of the person behind the #LifeofaMedStudent hashtag.

This is the HALLOWEEN Edition – full of scary posts for #LifeofaMedStudent readers!


#LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week:

 From @MunaPomegranate:


–  “How many years until you become a doctor?”   -“…” #LifeofaMedStudent
No that isn’t a mutant Halloween hand – its just the number of years before you are done! 


Financial Post

In a very scary but important story/question for our readers: Is becoming a doctor a $1,000,000 mistake?! This article from 2013 does some of the math (now slightly outdated but principle is the same) for you and comes up with a resounding yes. Of course, becoming a doctor is MORE than just numbers and many of us wouldn’t put a dollar sign on what we are privileged to do. But the truth is, for many of us highly intelligent people, medicine is about the longest and hardest way to “get rich.” Yes, with some sound financial principles and hard work you will eventually make a lot of money in medicine.  BUT “don’t do med for the money” they say and I agree. Which is why on #LifeofaMedStudent one of the most common comments/emails I get is that the site “scares” people with how hard medical school seems. My reply is always the same, if you know in your heart medicine is for you – don’t be afraid, be excited because it’s all worth it. But if you have doubts, it’s better to find out sooner than later… before you make a 1 million dollar mistake that will leave you terrified for more than just Halloween. -> $1 Million Mistake: Becoming a doctor


Next up is a list of some of the most haunted hospitals around the US. Featuring locations from Kentucky to Michigan and over to New York – these places will send chills down your spine! Check them out here -> Top 5 Most Haunted Hospitals


Anyone in medicine has heard the phrase “it’s a full moon tonight” and been warned of brutal or unusual shifts that follow. Is there any scientific basis for the idea that crazy things happen on full moons? Sure enough there’s been a study looking at the frequency of admissions for GI bleeding around full moons and Skeptical Scalpel (@skepticscalpel) breaks down the findings here -> The Moon and Hospital Admissions


We sure love our pumpkin carving skills in medicine. @Gomerblog highlights some of the best in hospital pumpkin carving scenes in this post. But beware, there is plenty of “blood and guts” to leave you queezy! -> Halloween Pumpkin Carving Scenes at the Hospital


Life outside the #LifeofaMedStudent:

Our Halloween plans? Well I got off work just in time to make it home for the last of trick-or-treaters to empty out our candy supply. My wife took our 5month old daughter to her hometown to trick-or-treat with her cousins and enter a costume contest. Happy news! She placed 1st in the “Prettiest” category! No doubt I am a proud dad.



Costume was a “fawn” (baby deer)
Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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