IslandMedStudentBlog interviews #LifeofaMedStudent

Island MedStudent Blog interviews #LifeofaMedStudent


Ashleigh of IslandMedStudentBlog recently interviewed me for her “Specialty Secrets” series on different medical specialties. I was happy to represent anesthesia! Want to know more about why I chose anesthesia and my day to day life as an anesthesia resident? 

Island MedStudent Blog

Why did you choose your specialty?: 

“There was a time when I really was interested in family medicine, but I fell in love with the flow of the OR and the hustle of anesthesia. I love the fast-paced, hands-on action that anesthesia provides – where nurses and surgeons depend on you to provide efficient, but safe medical care. The patients can range from the healthy to the very sick, and you develop a skill set in anesthesia to take care of them all. I also found that my personality was a great fit in anesthesia, where you have just moments to make a great impression and reassure anxious patients. Once I realized that was a satisfying substitute to the benefits of long-term continuity of care that a family practice provides, I couldn’t go back to the long, slow days in outpatient clinic.

As a career, anesthesia has a lot of great benefits and generally provides a favorable lifestyle and good-great pay. When I go home at the end of the day, I get to turn my pager off and leave work mentally behind – an ability that only a few specialties truly allow!”
Want to know more about anesthesia? Or the person behind #LifeofaMedStudent? Read more at Specialty Secrets: Anesthesiologist! I even give a few of my study tips for USMLE!
Thanks for the allowing me to contribute, Ashleigh!


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