Wednesday Around the Web: 1/18/17

Welcome to “Wednesday around the Web.” Each week we’ll feature the best #LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week and I’ll share a few of the latest or greatest news articles, blogs, or research topics that I think are important to those in medical training. Continuing my current goal for improving the financial education of #LifeofaMedStudent followers, each week will feature at least one post on finances. I’ll also give you a little update on what is happening with me on a personal level – giving you more of an idea of the person behind the #LifeofaMedStudent hashtag.


#LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week: 

Via @its_clara_t:

“Sleep. Study. Eat. Study. Eat more. Think about sleep. Study more. Stare at the wall and contemplate life. Study. Study. #LifeofaMedStudent”

Financial Post:

For those pre-med students going through interviews and considering where to embark on their medical school training, this is a great post that looks into the cost/benefit of selecting a prestigious (i.e. expensive) medical school. In short, is it worth it? I can tell you my answer is the same as if the question was for undergrad… probably not. But there are certainly scenarios where it does probably matter and @smartmoneymd does an excellent job of breaking them down here. -> Is a degree from a prestigious Medical School Advantageous to Doctors

In a heartfelt and emotional post, @StudentDrDiva (one of the biggest accounts in the medical-twitter world) discusses her recent failure with the DO boards. She is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and also details her own struggle with anxiety. Despite these troubles, her openness and attitude is inspiring. This is probably the ‘must read’ post of the week for premeds, medical students, and all of us that have dealt with failure at some point in our lives. -> Every Medical Student’s Worst Nightmare: Failing Boards.

In a similar idea, @minoritydoctor of Aspiring Minority Doctor blog, shares her own struggles with a low GPA and MCAT. And yes she means low, her GPA was below the 3.0 range. Yet she’s now a 3rd year medical student, having successfully passed the first two years of medical school as well as both the MD and DO boards. Read her own inspiring post here. -> A Post for the Pre-Meds: Low GPA? Low MCAT? There’s Still Hope!

Is medical school just a list of “check boxes” to obsess over? Is it a mindset to put all else below the academics and clinicals? Or should we focus more on the mindset that medical school is a journey to be enjoyed? A time to prioritize personal growth? Read one medical student’s opinion in this KevinMD post. -> A Millenial’s Guide to Medical School

Remember how you felt that first day of anatomy lab in medical school? After just a few weeks to months, some of that awe likely dissipated as the “routine” of medical school set in. This Stanford Medicine “Scope” post challenges 1st year students a simple task -> Remembering The Life in Lifelessness

Recent Posts on #LifeofaMedStudent:

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