Wednesday Around the Web: 2/15/17

Welcome to “Wednesday around the Web.” Each week we’ll feature the best #LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week and I’ll share a few of the latest or greatest news articles, blogs, or research topics that I think are important to those in medical training. Continuing my current goal for improving the financial education of #LifeofaMedStudent followers, each week will feature at least one post on finances. I’ll also give you a little update on what is happening with me on a personal level – giving you more of an idea of the person behind the #LifeofaMedStudent hashtag.


#LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week:

From @unknown_boredom – who put together this small collection of “V-day cards”…


Financial Post:

Fresh from the White Coat Investor is a post on the particular issues FMG/IMGs face in regards to finances. However, a lot of the issues – particularly not knowing the terminology of the finance world (401k, 403b, Roth IRA, etc) – are certainly not unique to just FMG/IMGs. From that perspective, this is a good read for all of us.

FMGs and Their Fiances: Fresh off the Boat and Clueless!

Valentine’s Day was yesterday and I’m sure love is still in the air! So this Wednesday Around the Web wouldn’t be complete without a post on dating. From the AMA Wire – here are some tips for dating a medical school student. -> 4 Tips for Dating a Medical Student

I usually wouldn’t reference posts from a fashion magazine, but this is a good one! Read about life and training in the specialty of neurosurgery -> 11 Things I Wished I knew before I became a Neurosurgeon

How important is it to have a mentor who “looks” like you? Is it meaningful to look up to someone who has the same racial background? Hillary Newsome, a resident physician, asks (and answers) this in a post via InHouse Magazine. 

Read more in her post -> Doc Like Me

One of the big moments of a med students journey is the first time they help deliver a baby as it is born into this world. I don’t remember all the details now, but certainly remember how fun it was to be a med student on an OB rotation – even if I never would want to do that for more than a couple weeks.  Read about another med student’s experience (“It. Was. Awesome!!”) with their first delivery here via MerckManuals Student Stories.

-> A Mother’s Love & A Baby’s First Breath

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