Wednesday Around the Web: 3/22/17

Welcome to “Wednesday around the Web.” Each week we’ll feature the best #LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week and I’ll share a few of the latest or greatest news articles, blogs, or research topics that I think are important to those in medical training. Continuing my current goal for improving the financial education of #LifeofaMedStudent followers, each week will feature at least one post on finances. I’ll also give you updates on new blog posts, a sponsor highlight, and any personal news. Thanks for reading!


#LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week:


Financial Post:

This week’s financial post comes from Dr. James Dahle of the White Coat Investor via @KevinMD. Worrying that poor financial education combined with mounting student loan debt is contributing to burnout, Dr. Dahle calls on medical schools to add med-finances courses in the 4th year curriculm.

“This should include not only “professional” topics such as practice management, coding, and billing but also “personal” topics such as budgeting, student loan management, investing, estate planning, and asset protection.’

Read more about how tuition is exploding compared to physician salaries and steps we can take to improve physician financial knowledge in Physicians are financially illiterate and it’s time for that to change.

Inspiring doctors in the news!

  • First up, from the website Inspiring Women In Surgery is a bio on Nicol Bush – a pediatric urologist in Texas. Her path is interesting, especially given that before becoming a physician she was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader!

Being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader & now a surgeon didn’t quite fit into society’s expectations – And I love that defiance!”

Read more of Nicol’s story HERE!

  • Post match day, another inspiring soon-to-be physician is making the news… Nancy Abu-Bonsrah has Matched to become the first black female neurosurgery resident at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Read about her story via Essence.

Via the University of Michigan, medical student Angelica blogs about life as a third year medical student and what shes learned during her clinical experiences this year. Want to know what those rotation will teach you? Read Ten Things that the Third Year of Medical School has Taught Me!

Medical students are always looking for a studying edge and a common buzzword is “active studying.” @Purepositivitea explains the term and gives you a few tips to improve your study habits! Check out Med School-ing: How to Study Actively.

One of the hardest aspects of pre-med life is keeping the determination and dedication when things are hard or exams don’t go your way. One of the most common questions I am asked involves giving up on the dream to become a doctor. @PreMedLife has harsh words for any doubters in this excellent post Don’t let anyone intimidate you out of your Medical School Dreams! 

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