Wednesday Around the Web: 4/26/17

Welcome to “Wednesday around the Web.” Each week we’ll feature the best #LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week and I’ll share a few of the latest or greatest news articles, blogs, or research topics that I think are important to those in medical training. Continuing my current goal for improving the financial education of #LifeofaMedStudent followers, each week will feature at least one post on finances. I’ll also give you updates on new blog posts, a sponsor highlight, and any personal news. Thanks for reading!

#LifeofaMedStudent Tweet of the Week:

 Via @StudentMed_Life:img_1107

Financial Post:

Starting medical school this summer? Time to start taking finances seriously. I’ve done my own top financial tips for medical students, but here is little different take from the @AAMCPreMed

Eight Tips on Money Management for Entering Medical Students.


I scored significantly better on the MCAT the second time, as well as improved my Step 1 to Step 2 score by 30+ points. But I’ve got nothing on this author via @KevinMD however! Check out his tips for an incredible improvement in his scores:

How I went form the bottom to the top 1 percentile on board exams!


The March for Science last week appeared to be a huge success. Equally successful was the creativity of some of the posters/signs people were holding. Buzzfeed has a great list of the Top 40+ of their favorites. Prepare for awesome nerdy humor! 

These March for Science Signs are So Wonderfully Nerdy


Are surgeons elite athletes? Might not be the first thought to mind but there is certainly a case to be made. And according to Jonathan Cabin, MD – surgeons need to start training like it. In this post via @Medium breaks down the science behind traditional athletes, then tweaks it into 10 areas for refinement for the surgical athlete:

Surgeons are High Performance Athletes


When thinking of my best summers, there are two that come to mind – 2005 (before I started college) and 2009 (before I started medical school). If you are about to head into your last summer of freedom (ever) before medical school, make a plan to enjoy it! Via @StudentDoctor – this post will help you get started: 

Chronicles of a Med Student: A Summer to Remember


Recent Posts on #LifeofaMedStudent:

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

A Month in Sri Lanka – My Amazing Elective Experience!

How to Land the Residency You want

The Best of #PagedBecause


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Clinical skills workshops. Networking events. Match preparation.
Dynamic keynote speakers.
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