2017 NRMP Match Statistics!

Hot of the press from the 2017 Match!

The NRMP has released some of the data resulting from the 2017 Match and the results show some small changes.

Overall trend:

  • The number of medical students (US and International) participating was the most ever at 35,969.

  • The total number of spots offered, was also an all-time high at 31,757.

  • PGY-1/first year positions were also increased by 989 this year, for a total of 28,849.



  • Judging by US allopathic match numbers, the three most competitive specialties were Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, and ENT. Each of these filled with >90% US allopathic medical students.

  • In comparison, Internal medicine and family medicine filled their ~10,500 positions with roughly 45% US allopathic students.

  • Similar to previous years, US allopathic seniors matched at ~94%. A record-high 18,539 submitted program choices, matching into 17,480 first year positions.

  • 3,590 US osteopathic seniors submitted rank lists, matching at 2,933 PGY spots. This was a match rate of 81.7%.



  • For US IMGs, there were 5,069 applicatnts matching into 2,777 spots. The 54.8% match rate is the highest since 2004.

  • Non-US FMGs matched at a rate of 52.4% – with 7,284 applicatnts matching into 3,814 spots.



  • There were 1,279 positions unfilled via the primary Match. Of those, 1,177 (92%) were filled via the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP). The 1,177 additional spots filled via the SOAP are NOT reflected in the numbers and percentages discussed regarding the primary Match above. The SOAP results will be released with a full Match statistics report in May.


Overall, the data suggests continued high levels of success for US medical students, both MD/DO. With IMG/FMGs, the numbers have improved but still are only slightly better than a coin flip. For pre-meds, this information is extremely important when evaluating your future match prospects if  considering international/Caribbean medical school options.


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