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5 Useful budgeting tips for Medical School

by LifeofaMedStudent in Financial Posts

5 Useful budgeting tips for Medical School By Personal Finance Writer Amy Nickson     Medical students agree that they often deal with stressful studies and exam schedules, but the most stressful thing to deal [...]

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Confessions of a Med School Drama Queen

“Confessions of a Medical School Drama Queen”   – A Guest Post by Leah Croll. In theory, medical students are amongst the brightest and hardest working young professionals. Our maturity and commitment to master the craft [...]

Married in Medical School

Married in Medical School: Sacrifice, Resilience, and Life! A guest post by Jani from My Life in Med School One of the questions I get most asked about is how I balance being married and being [...]

The Surgery Rotation: Breaking down my 24 hours on call!

The Surgery Rotation: Breaking down my 24 hours on call!  A Guest post by 3rd Year Medical Student Yang     An overview of 24-hour call on surgery as a third year medical student. Enjoy!  Share this:EmailFacebookLinkedInRedditTwitterGooglePinterestLike this:Like [...]

“How I Became a Surgeon”

“How I Became a Surgeon” By Single with Scalpel Two years of medical school classes flew by, followed by three brutal weeks of preparation for the USMLE. “Enjoyed” doesn’t adequately describe the excitement, inquisitiveness, and [...]

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  • Have an exciting medical story to tell or some advice to give? A unique background or path into medicine? Want to share your experience to others? #LifeofaMedStudent welcomes posts from our readers! Have your VOICE heard to all those in medical training!  Follow the guidelines below: [...]

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