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Medical Student Debt: The 2017 Numbers!

by LifeofaMedStudent in Financial Posts

Medical Student Debt: The 2017 Numbers! By: LifeofaMedStudent   In October, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) released their updated numbers on medical student debt and tuition costs for 2017. The numbers weren’t too [...]

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Breaking down a month on Internal Medicine!

Breaking down a month on Internal Medicine! By Jeffrey Cannon     One month. Thirteen H&Ps. One IV placement. Four Against-Medical-Advice (AMA) discharges. Two code blues. One round of CPR. One set of ribs cracked. [...]

Bloody Baptism

“Bloody Baptism” A guest post by Zahir MD It’s the first day on my 4th year elective in the Emergency Department. I had orientation in the morning and just my luck I am scheduled for [...]

“How I Became a Radiologist”

How I Became a Radiologist By: Dr. Liu of Future Proof MD .    Choosing a specialty is possibly the most important decision you have to make as a medical student. As you probably realized by now, [...]

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  • Have an exciting medical story to tell or some advice to give? A unique background or path into medicine? Want to share your experience to others? #LifeofaMedStudent welcomes posts from our readers! Have your VOICE heard to all those in medical training!  Follow the guidelines below: [...]

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