The Best of #PagedBecause

We've all been there... the awkward, unusual, or just very unnecessary page. The "paging you, to see if your pager is working" page. The "oh just wanted to let you know" at 3am page. The "your patient is doing something crazy" page. Now, thanks to @concernecus for starting the thread - the twitter world has a hastag … Continue reading The Best of #PagedBecause


The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Medical “Pick-up lines”

Every couple of weeks I'll share a funny medical pick up line that I receive on #LifeofaMedStudent. It's frequently one of the more shared tweets that I send out. So here are a collection of some of the best #LifeofaMedStudent #MedPickupLines!   "Blood is red, cyanosis is blue, I get tachycardia when I think of … Continue reading The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Medical “Pick-up lines”

The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Finals Memes: For Before, During, and After the exams!

BEFORE FINALS:                            During the exam....             After finals like...                 Platinum Sponsor:     Physician Home Loans at FAIRWAY: Covering nearly all 50 states, Physician Home Loans is another great option for physician … Continue reading The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Finals Memes: For Before, During, and After the exams!

The Best of #ThingsDoctorsDo

Recently, the king of witty medical truths in 140 characters or less, Dr. Mark Reid (@medicalaxioms) started a popular has tag called #ThingsDoctorsDo. He deserves the credit, so please as a plea from this blog post - check out his very entertaining and informative twitter account. As doctors, both established and in training, we often sacrifice greatly to achieve … Continue reading The Best of #ThingsDoctorsDo

The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Memes of All Time – Part 1

  "When you go through 4 years of soda medical school but still can't get any respect.." "When you try and explain medical information to your non-medical friends.."     "First day of medical school vs. the last..."      "When you finally get a free weekend without having to study..."      "What's life … Continue reading The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Memes of All Time – Part 1

The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Tweets of All Time!

The Best #Lifeofamedstudent tweets of all time! Attending: *hands me stethoscope* What does this murmur sound like? Me: Sounds like you’re about to be disappointed in me. #LifeofaMedStudent Mom: Are you getting enough sleep? Me: Sometimes when I sneeze my eyes close for a second...#LifeOfAMedStudent HS: Study never, Score 100. College: Study two hours, Score … Continue reading The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Tweets of All Time!