Christmas on-call at the pediatric hospital!

My name is Charlie! During my time in medical school, everyday I saw and heard things that just needed to be shared to med students across the globe! Thus, #LifeofaMedStudent was born! That was in late 2011, and now the twitter site has grown to over 50,000 followers! Humor, advice, medicine – I share it all on here and twitter!

As for myself, I am just a small town, Indiana boy. I have a beautiful daughter and loving wife. I’ve been through undergrad at Indiana State, medical school at IU School of Medicine, and am now in my last year of anesthesia residency in the Midwest. I have a job set for 2017, and back to the country we will go! I love small communities and small town culture. I’m fortunate enough to be going back to a place offers a great job that brings my wife close to her hometown and will allow us that lifestyle. 

In my free time, I love being outdoors. In the summer, our family lake cottage in northern Indiana is my go to place to get away for a weekend for fishing and boating. In the fall, its football Sundays, camo gear, and deer hunting. My other big hobby now includes professionally blogging (THAT is hard for me to believe)!

I’ve been through the unsure days as a pre-med, the struggles of medical school, and now the endless hours of residency. As my formal medical education comes to an end, my hope is I can help those along the path, at any stage!


  1. Im 15, suffer from a rare congenital disorder, and my Doctor was so inspiring its made me want to be a doctor, but your tweets about Med school are…haunting? Okay, maybe not that bad, but definitely derailing.

    • It’s a parody site. Meant to be ironic, funny, even self deprecating. Life in medicine is worth it. But it’s long and hard and requires immense dedication and stamina. You have to watch all your friends go off and start their lives while you study away. You have to know in your heart medicine is your life, so that after all the struggle and journey, you still love it.

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