#LifeofaMedStudent Recommend Books


Basic Science Books:

Basic science classes can vary greatly between different medical schools. Despite this, there are common “must haves” in each course. Additionally, no study plan is sufficient without an adequate question book to supplement reading. Check out the best books by each basic science course here:

The Best Books for Basic Science in Medical School


Clinical Rotation Books:

For rotation books, I suggest picking one study book and 1-2 question banks. Focus the first half of the rotation getting through the study book, and then the last half doing as many practice questions as you can. Read more on the best books for each clinical rotation here:

The Best Books for your Clinical Rotations


Every Rotation – MUST have!

For actual clinical work, and looking like a star on rotations – Pocket Medicine is a must have. This very concisely presents the diagnosis and treatments of the most common medical problems you’ll see. It’s geared toward internal medicine, but has utility in surgical and outpatient settings as well! The key is to see a patient, look up their problem/diagnosis in Pocket Medicine, and then present that information and treatment to your upper residents/attendings. I still carry my original Pocket Medicine with me on moonlighting shifts – it is THAT helpful.


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