The Best of #ThingsDoctorsDo

The Best of #ThingsDoctorsDo

By: LifeofaMedStudent


Recently, the king of witty medical truths in 140 characters or less, Dr. Mark Reid (@medicalaxioms) started a popular hashtag called #ThingsDoctorsDo. He deserves the credit, so please as a plea from this blog post – check out his very entertaining and informative twitter account.

As doctors, both established and in training, we often sacrifice greatly to achieve our dream. As everyday humans however, the great knowledge we receive is not always so benignly kept in our subconscious. Thus, here is a list of the both inspiring and highly hilarious #ThingsDoctorsDo.



“Having UpToDate on their phone. #ThingsDoctorsDo” (@BrooksWalsh)

“wonder what routine care we give now will be the “bloodletting” of our generation. #ThingsDoctorsDo” (@HarkerDavid)

“I sing in the stairwell at the hospital. #thingsdoctorsdo” (@KeriCrewsonMd)

“Smelling 💩 and being able to diagnose Clostridium Difficile before the laboratory ” (@agargmd)

“Answers home phone: “Dr. Johns, .” ” (@DrCJohns)

“Diagnosing strangers in your head on the subway/bus/in line/any public place. ” (@JkwilletMd)

“Talk to all sorts of people from all walks of life: “I think it might benefit you to at least try smoking less crack.” ” (@medicalaxioms)

Know what’s coming when hear; “Can I ask you a question – for my “friend?”(@AndyCurran8)

Watch my kids playing and anticipate every possible traumatic injury that can occur and how to respond.” (@RealEDdoc)

“Make up words… ‘Cardiovascularly’ ” (@Bear_Bad_Man_)

“Teach their children to use anatomically correct names for body parts. “Mom, I hit my patella” ” (@forsythe_raque)

“Saying “sorry” for eating, or drinking, or using the bathroom, or just generally sitting down for a few moments rest. ” (@DavidECarroll)

“Use ranges in everyday speech: “Okay honey. I’ll be home in three to five hours.” ” (@medicalaxioms)
And will always come home later than said range. ” (@Dr_ScottK)
“Work on your birthday. ” (@DrDavidWarriner)
“Look at: see
Bats: rabies
Armadillos: leprosy
Mosquitos: malaria, zika, West Nile, dengue, yellow fever… ” (@medicalaxioms)
“Ask your friend to page you if you’re in a room more than 15 minutes. ” (@DoctorCockyMd)
“. – Look at the external jugular veins of people they are having a convo with just is case they need a IV ” (@EmergMedNights)
“Take better care of our patients that we (sometimes) do for ourselves/our families. ” (@Carlseashore)
“Tell your kids not to become doctors. Want your kids to become doctors. ” (@medicalaxioms)
consider an 80 hour work week a good week ” (@StudentDrJ)
“Wonder if you ever had a needle stick/exposure you didn’t notice. ” (@MedicalAxioms)
“Marvel that the human heart can run a marathon or get winded walking across the exam room. ” (@MedicalAxioms)
never actually go to the doctor for your own health. ” (@StudentDrJ)
“Fail to recognize friends and family don’t necessarily enjoy talk of pus/abscesses/graphic injuries at dinner table ” (@wcquattro)

“Carry a pager around like it’s the 1990s.. ” (@lifeofmedstudnt)

“Never stop taking tests… ” (@lifeofmedstudnt)

“Know exactly how many hours are in a week because he/she has worked all but 12 of them. ” (@drjhatch)

“Washing their hands in public like they are scrubbing for surgery.. ” (@lifeofmedstudnt)

“Skip meals, sleep and bathroom breaks to be with our patients. ” (@DaktariJay)

“Make a difference in someone’s life. every. single. day. ” (@lifeofmedstudnt)

“Immediately think of the worst case scenario when family or friend describe their recent symptoms ” (@DaktariJay)

“Get to work with an interesting diversity of colleagues who are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, etc. ” (@medicalaxioms)

“Tie the trash bag using a 1-handed tie ” (@PA_Maday)

“Think about their patients long after they’ve treated them ” (@EmergMedNights)

“Always pack ibuprofen, acetaminophen, diphenhydramine, & albuterol bc I expect the worst when . ” (@BetaMomma)

“Spend more holidays at the hospital then you do with your family ” (@FLTDOC1)

“Carry a higher risk of depression, suicide and addiction than other people. Watch yourself and each other!” (@Medicalaxioms)

“Percuss drywall when hanging pictures ” (@concernecus)

“Me: Is this a or a real ? ” (@DocTCole)

“Send their kids to school sick. (But not as bad as nurses)” (@medicalaxioms)

“My own kids pretty much have to be ICU level symptomatic before I pay attention ” (@DrJohnAquino)
“Diagnose cranial nerve palsies at the airport. thingsdoctorsdo” (@GomerBlog)
“I bitch and moan about being a doctor but would do it again every time. ” (@medicalaxioms)
“At home or on any group trip or outing, I maintain a small pharmacy of over-the-counter meds to treat friends or family. ” (@medicalaxioms)
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