The Best of #PagedBecause

The Best of #PagedBecause

By #LifeofaMeStudent


We’ve all been there… the awkward, unusual, or just very unnecessary page. The “paging you, to see if your pager is working” page. The “oh just wanted to let you know” at 3am page. The “your patient is doing something crazy” page.

Now, thanks to @concernecus for starting the thread – the twitter world has a hastag for all to share their own stories.

Here are a few of the best!


#Traumadrama #InjuredWhileTwerking from @runwithscalpels


a patient had died and needed certifying. Paged 10 minutes later as actually patient was alive and now asking for tea. @drdannychapman

there was a leech on a patient’s pillow. It was a fruit gum that fell out his mouth when he fell asleep @LynnGreigMiller

a patient’s twin sister, who was visiting, mistakenly got wheeled-down & had a barium enema @Bear_Bad_Man_

I was the surgical resident with the smallest hands @NCheungMD

patient hearing voices under the bed. Called back and asked if RN looked under bed. RN didn’t appreciate my humor @rrl0305

. Asked to review a patient with excessive farting. On review we disconnected the NG from the 2L/min oxygen flow. @pieandchips2000

I was paged because
Presented without comment from @aliciamwaters

of order for “Strict I’s and O’s.” Question was whether RN should allow the pt. to pee. She was apparently very strict. @ercowboy

we found a bug and we need you to tell us if it’s a bedbug. [arrives, googles picture of bedbug, runs away] @medicalaxioms

the pt I spent a week drying out was in hospital bed with his wife drinking Brandy. @KeriCrewsonMD

it was my last night as an Intern. 867-5309 doesn’t ring a bell until you say it out loud. @DocEMurray

#PagedBecause of Inaccurate I&O’s via @KittyKatzMD

A pt’s mother wanted to ask me if her 14 year old son should meet a girl by himself down the street at a local restaurant. @drneel1973

One of the docs ordered a TWOC. We checked with stores and we have none of those.” TWOC=trial without catheter @mjslabbert

pt pooped in her 24 hour urine, can we still send it? @md_newell

One of my co-residents was patient had a new English accent. It was a Jamaican accent. @CaseyFarinMD

my patient had called 911 from her hospital bed and told them we were trying to kill her @AndreaTucker20

I think your patient was smoking in bed with his nasal cannula still in, because he’s on fire.(true VA story) @NorthShoreEndo

I was patient was being detained because they were robbing the gift shop. @DrHedrick

Guy discharged 2 days ago is here wondering if he can sleep in room 814 tonight. @medicalaxioms

My worst was an order years ago to put patient back on room air. Paged they couldn’t find any @ACEPSteve

Watching son’s HS soccer game. family wanted directions TO THE GAME to personally thank me for care of their dad who died. @GoodishIntent

someone left the bottle of orange cleaning fluid near the patient and he drank it instead of his orange juice @DrMohsinC

#PagedBecause a patient wants analgesia… via @simplyjak

I’ve also been my patient was walking around naked and the nurses wanted me to come and make them put some pants on. I failed.  @coffeeheadaches

“Patient struggling to sleep – I woke him up to give him his sleeping tablet and everything…” @Doctor_Yoda

 a patient said he wanted a tot of whiskey before going to bed, as he had been doing for 50 years. I said yes.  @GeorgiaBelam

there was a girl on the paediatric ward reading 50 Shades of Grey @Hannah_McF

Also pt couldn’t feel leg. Except they could. Discussion about sensation ensued. Leg sensation confirmed.  @LaFilleUneFunke

it’s 3am & patient’s blood pressure is 128/70. Umm…great work, I’m very proud of you? 🤔@dinobot72713

– 100% genuinely, “the patient’s guide dog has vomited and we’re not sure what to do…” @pjsouthall

“I was just showing my student how to bleep someone”. It was 2am.  @tweediatrics

Amateur. I was the patient’s wife had arrived and his *other wife* was already there. @drbillgibson

“the patient has an ear, nose, and throat problem” … Could you be more specific?@SingleScalpel

Paged 2am, “Your pt is dying. Should I call a code?” me: What? RN “He says he is being drawn towards the white light” @itscottd

Once got there were baby seagulls on the roof outside and someone insisted I come see them as they were cute.  @cgraydoc

  Please advise as struggling to wean ventilation. Oxygen on the vent won’t go below 21% Reply: step away from the patient @pieandchips2000

Not to be outdone, one nurse made sure to get in the last laugh towards unsure interns everywhere….

I you ordered 80 mEq KCl IV push & lethal injection isn’t legal in our state  @EmilyP_RN

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