The Best of #DearFutureMD – the inspirational hashtag for physicians-to-be!

The Best of #DearFutureMD:

The inspirational hashtag for physicians-to-be!

Want to pass on some medical and life knowledge to a younger generation? Or just look back at a younger (maybe less jaded) self? Twitter has you covered with this viral hastag – #DearFutureMD. This was previously started several years ago, and recently brought back trending via a tweet from Canadian Medical Students on Twitter (@CFMSFEMC):

Do you have advice to pass on to new med students? We encourage learners, docs and allied health to share their tips using #DearFutureMD


Twitter has answered! And here are some of the best!



write down why you applied to medical school, look back at it on days you struggle to find joy. @KP_MD2018

Continue to prioritize your own wellness. Stay physically active and maintain your personal relationships.  @KimKellyMD

your health ≥ family > friends >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that mark you got on that test that was pass-fail anyway  @jessiebryce

use the time you have in med school to explore passions, new and old, outside of medicine @SilverSarah92


Watch the really good physicians carefully: they stay humble, open minded, they listen and ask questions @allynewalsh

just because you may not meet many women surgeons in your training, it doesn’t mean you can’t be one. We are here to help! @WomenSurgeons

Healthcare is transforming- you have the ability to shape and nurture it. Be bold, curious & innovative. @fa_rizzuti

remember the way you felt on the first days of med school and keep that beginners mind through your studies@in_viva


Welcome! The road is long and often arduous, but know that many have walked this road before. And we are all rooting for you! @HG_Annan

Work hard (always do your best) Rest hard (take time to recover) Love what you do (find your joy in Medicine)  @drgigiosler

Keep your hobbies. You might not practice them as often in med school, but you should make a little time for them every so often! @jaz_hawes

, when I ask MDs what makes a day worth getting up for, it’s not $ or status. Rather the value of patient care & relationships. @stand2reason


it’s okay if you’re sometimes not okay. Don’t assume your peers aren’t struggling with similar things. @Alex_Coutin

Don’t feel guilty for taking lunch (even 5-10 min). You’ll be smarter and kinder (better Dr) for it!  @bechardmel

you will not need to perform an emergency cricothyroidotomy as often as Grey’s Anatomy would have you believe @StudentMed_Life

limited resources mean your choices will impact how pts receive time & attention. Don’t forget it’s also true for your family. @AlikaMD


Develop good financial habits now. You don’t want to have to work when you are 75, you can work because you want to. @drmoneymatters

, med school is a priority but not the only one. Take time to focus on you & on other aspects of life that bring you joy! @AmyCook43

don’t be afraid to lead change, do research, question the status quo.  @drjondean

Don’t be afraid to show emotion. When you shed a tear in the face of your patient’s suffering, you humanize them. @HanafiSarah


If a patient asks you to get them a drink or warm blanket,don’t say ‘I’ll get the nurse’.Do it your damn self. @NWOdoctor

Medicine pushes you out of your comfort zone and humbles you. Lean into that, and keep your chin up. You deserve to be here.  @nabeelanathoo

it takes more than to make a physician. The not-medicine-things teach you to see people instead of diagnoses.

. You have three jobs: listen, think, care. Ordering, prescribing, telling happen only after you have done the 1st 3 jobs well. @snewbery1


Pace yourself. It’s a long career @DrJohnAquino

OR : Take time to balance out your life. You are more than studying 24/7 @running_trish

: – stay curious – don’t judge – never assume – say thank you a lot – know that the human touch is the best medicine @Kati_Ivanyi

Always question your own and systemic biases that lead to poorer health in some people/groups. Doctors can do harm. @Monika_Dutt


Be kind to each patient you meet.They won’t know the rough day you had, & they are scared/anxious/hurting.Kindness=comfort  @shirleyschipper

If the nurse in charge of the ward tells you that you need to see a patient, you need to see the patient.  @AndrewElder

Look up from your computer screen. Look your patient in the eye. Make sure they know you’re listening.  @jblackmerMD

Sit down, be at eye level w your patient, keep eye contact, don’t interrupt This is harder than it sounds Make yourself do it. @drsusanshaw

,I am a wife, good friend, scientist, humanitarian, and travel-enthusiast first, all before being a doctor. Remember who are.  @gaya_kp


And lastly….

get twitter. @jessiebryce

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