The Top 5 #LifeofaMedStudent Posts of 2016

The website was active for just 6 months but we’ve had well over 50,000 views on the site. Here were the most popular posts of 2016! 


1. The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Tweets of All Time!

A collection of some of the best #LifeofaMedStudent tweets highlighted through the years on our Twitter account (@lifeofmedstudnt).


2. The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Memes of All Time – Part 1

A collection of the best Memes we’ve had on #LifeofaMedStudent. There are a lot of them!


3. How I became an Anesthesiologist 

This post detailed the process of picking a specialty choice and how I ended up choosing to go into Anesthesia. Spoiler alert – I went into medical school thinking I’d do either Family Practice, or maybe Chronic Pain. Choosing your specialty may be the most important part of medical school, read how I choose mine here. 


4. The Worst Trauma I’ve Personally Been In 

When you’ve spent time as an anesthesia resident at a Level 1 Trauma center, there isn’t much you haven’t seen. Here is the story of the worst trauma – in this case multiple gun shot wounds – I’ve been a part of. I also highlight some of the medical issues an anesthesiologist deals with when giving 100+ units of blood products.


5. A Medical School goes Pass/Fail only: Why this is an Excellent Change!

The medical school I graduated started the fall 2016 semester with their basic science classes switching to Pass/Fail grading only (previously Honors-High Pass-Pass-Fail). With all the talk on medical student, resident, and physician burn out, I think this is an important change for medical student well being. Read about my personal struggles as well as the benefits I see in a Pass/Fail system. 



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