Welcome to #LifeofaMedStudent Forums!

Welcome to #LifeofaMedStudent Forums!

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I wanted to use today’s post to officially unveil the new #LifeofaMedStudent forums section on the website! The forums will give all pre-meds, medical students, and residents the chance to interact – share tips, stories, advice, details about programs, or just simply connect with others in medical training.

To start the forum off, I have published a “Ask Me Anything” topic. A wide open opportunity for any questions people may have about medical training or life in medicine.

For those new to the website, I’m a graduating anesthesia resident (July 2017) from Indiana. I did my undergraduate (Chemistry) degree at Indiana State, medical school at IU School of Medicine, and now in my LAST WEEK of anesthesia at IU. On July 5th, I’ll start my new attending job at a community hospital back in Terre Haute, Indiana. More about me? I’m married with a 1 year old daughter at home – we are all looking forward to moving back where my wife grew up! In my free time, I am a fan of outdoor hobbies – boating, fishing, hunting, etc. Oh, and of course, running a semi-successful twitter/blog! 

I’ve “been there, done that” for so much of medicine – successes and at times failures! I’m happy to pass that knowledge along or connect the people to the right answer!

Check out the #LifeofaMedStudent Ask Me Anything on our new forums page! 


The forums will continue the ultimate goal of #LifeofaMedStudent – share the VOICE of all those in medical training! Have your own voice heard!

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