#LifeofaMedStudent.com turns 1 year old!

LifeofaMedStudent.com turns 1-year-old!

By: #LifeofaMedStudent


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I guess a “Happy Birthday” of sorts is in order! I figured I’d use this post to highlight what all has been accomplished in the year LifeofaMedStudent.com has been around.

First, I wanted to comment on the “slower” pace of posts over the last month of July. As I started my new attending job, and had to study hard for (ANOTHER) board exam – I found something had to give in my schedule. Too few hours in a day! So while the twitter account has stayed mostly active, I only put out a few posts on the website this last month. Things will be going back to normal now, with an expected two-three posts/week again going forward. So keep sending in posts you want shared!!!

Speaking of our audience, in 1 year of existence the growth of both #LifeofaMedStudent as a brand and entity for medical students has been nothing short of exciting! LifeofaMedStudent has been featured or linked to by some “big name” sites including Doximity, KevinMD, MedScape, StudentDoctorNetwork, and PhysicianonFire.

Here are a few stats to share for those interested in our following:

  • ~140,000 lifetime page views from ~90,000 visitors!
  • Monthly page views consistently between 10-15,000!
  • 118 posts with 290 comments (don’t be afraid to comment more on here instead of Twitter!)


Top 5 Posts of 2017:

  1. The Best Books for your Clinical Rotations
  2. The Best #LifeofaMedStudent Tweets of All Time!
  3. “How I Became a Surgeon”
  4. 2017 NRMP Match Statistics!
  5. The Best of #PagedBecause

Top 5 Countries viewed from: 

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Philippines
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Malaysia

Top 5 Referrers:

  1. Twitter
  2. Search Engines
  3. Facebook
  4. Doximity.com
  5. PhysicianonFIRE.com


In the last few months there have been big changes to the design of the website which I think has given it a much more “professional” look. A Forums Section also was very recently added to give pre-meds, medical students, and residents a way to further interact and have questions answered.

Lastly, the big aspect of #LifeofaMedStudent has and always will be sharing the VOICE of those in medical training. We’ve had some phenomenal guest posts from excellent writers who found #LifeofaMedStudent was a great way to have their own VOICE heard!


Here are a few guest posts that have been great:

The Surge of Creativity at Exam Time

Married in Medical School

7 Tips to Be Happy in Medical School

From Nurse to Medical Student – Lessons learned from changing careers!

Pregnant in Medical school & Residency – My story & lessons learned!

A Month in Sri Lanka – My Amazing Elective Experience!

Top 5 Considerations for Your First Job!

Beyond the H&P – How to connect with YOUR patients!

The Differences in Applying to Medical School vs. Residency

The Scent of a Hospital

5 Life Lessons Medical School has Taught ME!

The Surgery Rotation: Breaking down my 24 hours on call!

Three BEST and Three WORST things about Studying Medicine

The Reality of having a Mental Health Issue as a Medical Student

Confessions of a Med School Drama Queen

How I Became a Surgeon

Surgery, Lipstick, and the RISE of #GIRLMEDTWITTER

How I became a Radiologist

Not Your Traditional Medical Student: One Caribbean Student Tells her Path to Medicine


These were posts from ordinary medical students and residents, who simply had a story to tell! If you’d like to have your own post shared – see how at lifeofamedstudent.com/contribute!


Thanks for following along and reading – it’s been great to run the #LifeofaMedStudent twitter account and start this blog. I never dreamed it would catch on like it has! Feel free to reach out anytime, either on twitter or here on the website. My goal will always be to help those along the medical training journey any way I can!


Charlie of #LifeofaMedStudent




  1. Congrats. That is a solid years worth of blogging. I would be very happy with 10k plus views a month. Keep up the good work. It gets harder as an attending but I think you are onto something special here and should keep it going.

    • Thank you! I had the advantage of having a large twitter account first, but it’s still been nice seeing the site grow. I do plan to keep it going, thanks for the encouragement!

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